Monsters of Kanji 1.1 - small fixes

Dear players,

the hunt for bugs is never finished. Was made aware of some typos and stumbled upon a mistake with one of the items in the game. Nothing major or game breaking. But I still wanted to take care of these things. So I just upladed a new version of the "monsters of kanji" file - will keep calling it 1.1. for now since the changes are very minor:

- three vocab-signs had typos in them (areas: THE TUBE, TOP OF THE WORLD and TEMPLE OF TIME)

- a tiling-error didn't let you explore a small piece of land in one of the maps that can net you a hidden treasure (just money, though)

- one of the data pads couldn't be sold, even though i should have been sellable

These things are now taken care of!

Thanks for your feedback and support!!

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