Monsters of Kanji - Release Announcement

Hey hey,

MONSTERS OF KANJI is now finally available on!

Go check it out if you're interested! It's a very oldschool JRPG with random encounters and a very simple turn-based battle system. It's also a very big game that doesn't really teach anybody Japanese, but if you're already learning it, it can be a good tool to review your knowledge. HOWEVER, this isn't mainly a learning game. There are better ones out there! 

MONSTERS OF KANJI focuses first and foremost on exploration, character development, classic turn-based combat and a story that has lots of surprises in store for you! So, if you're not interested in the language, just look at all those words and kanji as collectables. Because, essentially, that's what they are.

Visit the game page for more details:

To everyone who supported me during the development and everyone who decides to give the game a chance: Thank you so much! This project means the world to me and I really hope that it shows some of the love I put into it :)

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