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The sequel to MONSTERS OF KANJI raises the stakes. MARTY and his friends are on a new mission that will decide over the fate of the entire galaxy.

Find out the truth behind the events of MONSTERS OF KANJI.
Grow stronger and defeat dangerous bosses. Discover tons of secrets on 8 completely different and unique planets.

And in the end... face the IRONASHI!


- No more vocabulary in this one, but there are 150 Monsters of Kanji now...

- All of which can be brought into your team, levelled up and upgraded with a simple yet addictive skill-system

- 8 huge planets to explore in whatever order you like

- No more random battles! All enemies can be seen on the field

- Emotional story that builds on the events of MONSTERS OF KANJI, but can also be experienced without knowing anything about the first game

- MARTY'S SUIT can be upgraded to give him new methods of traversing the game world. Jumping off ledges? Swimming through water? Find out what new skills MARTY will be able to use!

- Choose how to develop MARTY with the new CLASS-SYSTEM

- Meet old friends in the game's hub area

- Over 20 hours of oldschool JRPG goodness

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Cant wait to play after I beat the first one and mine it of all it secrets of course

:) oh man, sorry - didn't see your comment. Will be updating this store page soon. Looking forward to seeing you beat the final boss of MOK and witnessing the ending. Thanks for the comment :)