Monsters of Kanji 2 - Now in development!

Very happy to announce that work on MONSTERS OF KANJI 2 has now started properly!

MONSTERS OF KANJI is a classis JRPG full of opportunities to improve your Japanese skills. It's available on right now! But I noticed that I told people way too late about the game, the idea behind it and what exactly they can expect from playing it. 

Now that I really started working on the sequel, I don't want to make the same mistake. So with MONSTERS OF KANJI 2 I would like to give you regular updates on the development and I also hope to upload a small playable demo in spring 2020.

Please consider following me if you're intertested in news about this sequel that takes MARTY'S adventure up into space. Just to give you a rough idea what this game will be all about:

- 150 monsters to add to your party

- a simple but addictive skill system

- classic turn based combat

- 8 giant planets to explore, with 6 of them to tackle in whatever order you want

- Find out what exactly happened to MARTY and his friends after the events of MONSTERS OF KANJI

- Discover the secret of MARTY'S galaxy and face off against a terrible enemy

Look forward to more details in the future! 

And a big thank you to everyone you supports me on this amazing journey! :)

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